Lighting Studies

Fotistiki Sotiropoulos lighting, provides advisory support to all its customers.

We offer solutions depending on every project requirement and phototechnic rules according to directive EN12464 for internal spaces and EN13201 for outdoors.

We are official associates of OXYTECH and mainly use their software for photometric studies on lighting levels.

Beyond the lighting levels, we provide solutions that concern the aesthetic, ergonomic design of lighting in order to meet the needs of people, if we are talking about workplaces, the enhancement of goods, if it’s an exhibition space, safety and regulations if it is a street lighting or outdoor lighting.

The right lighting is a means of upgrading the quality of life and we want to offer the best to our customers.

Our long experience in lighting and our participation in many projects, gives us the opportunity to offer reliable solutions in the design of:

Working spaces

Exhibition halls

Industrial facilities

Street lighting

Hosting areas

Building Promotion