Our approach

Our approach to led lighting


Superiority and Reliability

We consider led lighting as solid state lighting, therefore quality and reliability are very important selection parameters for the customer. All of our fittings arecovered with a 5 year guarantee. We design according to the following protocols:

• LM80 > 70.000 hours. LM80 stands forlumen maintenance of at least 80% of the luminous flux for 70.000 hours of operation.
• LM70 > 120.000 hours. LM70 stands for lumen maintenance of at least 70% of the luminous flux for 120.000 hours of operation.


Minimum deviation of color

All of our fittings are based on led sources that rangefrom 2700K to 6500K and are compatible with 3-step Mac-Adam Ellipse.
Compliance to 3-step Mac-Adam Ellipse guarantees minimum deviation of color temperature.

High efficiency – Low power consumption

We concider efficiency as the light delivered from the fitting. To get the most of it we do the following

• We use led sources of 100-150 lumen/watt
• Our optics have efficiency 85-96%.
• All of our fittings are over IP40 protected most of them are IP44. This contributes highly to easy maintenance and efficiency of the fitting over time.

The new EU regulation NO. 874/2012 categorizes Led sources/ fittings in energy classes. Even though labeling for professional lighting fittings is not obligatory, all of our fittings belong to the following classes:
• Energy class Α+
• Energy class Α++
Value added to the final user is higher.